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The DH2A Institute was founded by Vinnela P. in a basement in India in 2010 with the vision and the formula shared by Upadrista Venkatesh, who is well know for his innovations in Distributed Agile methods. The DH2A Institute formula of success begins with ‘Integrity, Transparency, Confidence, and Results’ and is built upon the firm belief that the DH2A Institute will be the driving force in the distributed Agile world.
The DH2A Institute’s sole business is to implement the Design for Hybrid Agile Adoption (DH2A) Methodology within its customer base. Since its inception, we've experienced rapid and vast response, but have held fast to the DH2A principle only to implement and consider organizations that are capable of adhering to the DH2A requirements such that the DH2A values are maintained to achieve the success results that are promised by the DH2A methodology.

Whether we consult to build a new complex application or fix a defective project, the core fundamentals of DH2A are never compromised, thereby providing every customer with value for their money. Our customers begin seeing value in just a few days with the DH2A Methodology, a radical change for some clients and partners caught up in the inertia of working as they've always worked in the past. Software consulting with the DH2A Institute looks very different compared to our competitors, as all of the consultants within the organization are DH2A certified resources, including several DH2A Ambassadors. Hence, the DH2A Institute is a sure success for our customers’ software development.

As the core fundamental of DH2A is ‘Distributed Agile Software Development’, for organizations new to the DH2A Methodology, our consultants train client staff and execute the DH2A projects. As the journey continues, within a short period of time, our client staff obtains the experience needed to execute DH2A projects on their own.
We are based in a thriving city in India and provide training and consulting services across the globe to customers in the United States, UK, Europe, Australia, Brazil, Canada, India, and China.